MARS M19 "Mustang"


The MARS M19 "Mustang" represents the next step of evolution in the MARS Rifle series.  While taking a great leap forward in design and functionality, the M19 stays true to the MARS ideals of modularity and customization that fits the needs and desires of the user.  The M19 "Mustang" is a multi-caliber rifle that functions primarily on modern long recoil, utilizing recoil impulse, to operate the rifle without gas.  The resulting system runs clean, is free of carbon fouling, and fires high caliber cartridges with minimal to no perceived recoil.  The rifle features an ambidextrous, non-reciprocating and self-returning forward charging handle, and a folding stock that maintains the ability to fire with the stock folded.  The rifle can also be disassembled to its bare components, by the operator, in the field, and without any special tools.  R&D, while competing for the US Army's NGSW contract, has brought the MARS M19 "Mustang" to the cutting edge!  Shooting is believing!  To order please email us at or call us at (406) 219-1273.

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